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The Men's University Mission 

In our society as men, we make it a priority to educate ourselves on skills related to our field of study or career progression. The Men's University believes that spiritual and relationship development should be just as important!


We uphold a mission to educate, inspire, and empower men to be decisive thought leaders and live out their full potential. Get ready to accelerate in your Life Purpose and Passion, Reignite Healthy Relationship models, and set your Heart and House in Order. 


The Men's University is always in search of those individuals with the above goals in mind. In addition, we provide a trendy, trusted,  private and professional environment for healthy results.

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Men are vulnerable when isolated. The enemy seeks to steal, kill, and destroy everything about us and when we isolate ourselves we become easy targets. Let's get connected and gain the tools needed to lead our families!



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We are committed to having a lasting impact and influence on the lives of Men in our communities, the nation, and the world. We are dedicated to being the leading example of discipleship, leadership, and relationship.


The Men's University 

Accountable Partner's Network

Accountable Partners Men's Network equips, empowers, and encourages men to live out their full potential and purpose.


Whether single or married, we have men of all ages and ethnicities with one common goal -- to gather God's men together and build character, commitment, and courage through conversation. We believe in the development of strong men for strong families and communities.


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