Lead, encourage and empower a group of men.

How can I lead a group or connect the men in my ministry to be Accountable Partners?

Manhood Mastery Training

Group leaders, are require training that will equip and tool leaders towards a successful projected outcome. Our mastery course is a 6-week training that will provoke the ability to minister to the depths of men's souls. 

The development of embryonic ministry gifts is of critical importance to us.  With our Ministers Network, you have an opportunity or ability to send staff for specific strategic leadership training, coaching, ministry development, and edification.  The schoolroom environment with the emphasis of academic excellence in conjunction with "OJT" (On The Job Training) will provide an excellent vehicle for practical training in relevant ministry.

Our groups gather monthly to slow down, get in connection with our brothers for accountability and encouragement. Groups are designed to empower and equip men spiritually, mentally and sharpen for the betterment of their lives.

Group Leader Benefits 

Benefits and Expectations:


  • Mentorship-Relationship, Communication, Real Access

  • Relational commitment and accountability, Valuing relationship as much as education.

  • Provides Group Leader licensing through MN after completion of Ministry Courses: Mastery in Biblical Precepts.

  • MN will Authenticate, Verify, Endorse, that you are sound both biblically and in integrity.

  • Accountable Corporate Covering

  • Organizational, Vertical and Lateral accountability

  • Biblical Principles, Strategies, Tools

  • Revelational Accountability - Assessment tools for revelations through biblical processes

  • Personal and Professional Growth with Consultation for Group needs

  • Veracious Authority Systems with Checks and Balances​

  • Bi-yearly MN Summit meetings for members 


Our compensation help supports our mastery leader's for their time and commitment to our partners. This compensation can also support your ministry, churches or personal lead group.  

Our commission for each sale that’s referred by a mastery leader is a flat monthly commission payment of 45% of the membership sale.