Manhood Precepts 101

Manhood Precepts 101

Many men are awakening to our Manhood course. This is because it can be hard to admit that we need help in our lives. You’re going to get a heightened sense of your Potential, Power, and Purpose. You’ll be able to see that there are no magic tricks when it comes to transformation. Rather, it’s a series of tools that anyone can utilize. We strive to make things as easy as possible. Using the simple process in our sessions, you’ll notice an almost immediate increase in self-discovery and relationship equity.


Divine Mandate
  • Your Measure of Rulership. 

  • Belief Vs. Faith
    - What’s First in Your Life? 

  • Passivity vs purpose 

  • The ruler-ship of Manhood.

  • How to see your self, family, and work.

  • How to overcome hurts, pains, hiccups, and failures. ​

  • The keys to accessing everything you need and want. 

  • The precepts of manhood and exponential growth.


Character Construction
  • Family Feud
  • Seductions, sin, and cycles  
  • How to function fearlessly 
  • Mental stability and stewardship 3C's Framework 
  • Wounded
  • How to Communicate Effectively 
  • Self-Protecting Vows We Make
  • Needs Vs. Wants
  • Motivational Lies, We Believe
  • Understanding What’s Not Understood 
  • Grace to Be Merciful
Leadership Leverage 
  • Accessing your full potential and purpose
  • Functional Family 
  • Revelation into your destination 
  • Secret Sauce to a sustainable relationship 
  • It's your time 

Be Empower and Inspired
to live out your full potential.